Testimonials - F & C Pleasant Life Inc.

Below, we have provided some positive feedback from satisfied clients that have used our brands and have written to tell about it:

We were loyal users to Pampers, however, we were given the Better Bundle Premium Baby Diaper to try on our baby, that now we will not use another product. Highly recommend this to all parents!

- Paula and Stephen Davis

We are so happy to write this for any new parents and new parents-to-be. Please consider switching from your current brands of diapers to Better Bundle, if you have not done so already. Great product, affordable price and overall more comfortable for your baby!!

- Deborah and Simon Abbate

We want to inform parents out htere that there are other great, affordable diaper brands, aside from the big guys. Better Bundle Premium Baby Diapers, distributed from FC Pleasant Life has made my wife and I very happy.


- Samantha and Tony Farid

I ordered a case of Cheetah Energy Drinks from F&C Pleasant Life and I was impressed by the professionalism in the pricing strategy and the delivery, everything was great, thank you F&C team!


- Arts Cafe, Toronto, ON