About Us - F & C Pleasant Life Inc.

A simple and motivating way to contemplate how F & C Pleasant Life operates is with offering consumer products for families with babies, young children, teenagers and young adults delivering on a promise that you will receive an affordable option for your family.

We make it a challenge to help improve the lives of our consumers in a way that will enable all of them to be happier and to increase their standard of living and, in the long run, improve and sustain the world we live in. With such products as the Better Bundle Premium Baby Diapers, Cheetah Power Caffeine Free Energy Drinks, these are examples of products that will help with day to day consumption of products for you, your children and young adults.

Our overall purpose unites a bond between brands and people, focusing on making a difference globally.

Together, we assist in many nations with our focus on delivering products that are affordable, can be used every day, and will help make a difference by acting locally and thinking globally – all at F & C Pleasant Life Inc.